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With over 20 year’s experience in Marine Tourism, Al-Ahlam Marine Tourism & Dream Divers Company aims to make your holiday In Saudi Red Sea Coast to be unforgettable with a friendly and professional team.

Daily Trips

Boat cruises are a great way to relax and see the sights. With so much water in and around Jeddah and many more. You’d be missing out not to include one in your holiday itinerary.

luxurious yacht

For extra comfort & joy Yachting has been a delightful experience for all the tourists visiting Our Jeddah Marina, yachting over the blue waters has taken the lime-light of Jeddah tourism for its lavish stay with thrilling water sports and food.


Dream Divers we are here for your day trip, weekend, long weekend, week long live aboard charter and scientific surveys using Dream Master and Dream Island.


Dream Divers… Dive it, Drive it, Live it, Love it. Dream Divers (Al-Ahlam Divers) is the only Liveaboard dive and Scientific Survey operation on the Saudi Arabian West Coast. Our Liveaboard dive trips are weekend, long weekend and multiple day trips up to seven days diving.


Fishing has been one of the activities people of Saudia live to do, so do the tourists as well. Deep-sea fishing and seashore fishing on our yachts are splendid. Our captain would sail you to the apt places for best catch with all kinds of fishing equipment. Dive in for deep-sea fishing or sit back & enjoy the seashore fishing!
We recommend AL-Lith city for all seasons fishing activities, please contact our coordinator for more information.

Water Activities

In Our Marina Located in Al-Buhayrat City Water Sports towable are fast becoming the number one water activity for families and thrill seekers alike this season. With their ease of use, versatility, affordability and just plain fun factor there really is a tubing towable that is a perfect fit for just about anyone. As you rode the banana boat at Adventure Sports


In our resort in Al-Lith want to really get out on the water? Grab a kayak and go exploring. Kayaking is great exercise and gives you a low-to-the-water view that really immerses you in the experience. You will feel in harmony with the wildlife and the water as you glide through with each windmill stroke

Gear Rental

There is diving gear available on our Resorts. Please provide your rental needs at the time of booking. Equipment could be arranged ( BCD, Fins, Mask, Regulator)

Mooring Service

Anchored & Embark in Al- Ahlam Marina and enjoy our premium facilities for motor and sailing yachts up to 34 m in length. Located on the north Jeddah or in Al-Lith under the supervision of a skilled harbourmaster .we can assist you to complete your boarder entering with a specialist agent.

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