The Liveabroad Story

The Departure Marina for Liveaboard diving and fishing trips will be Jeddah and Al-Lith, our Liveaboards can and will visit any area of the Saudi Arabian West Coast if you have the time and we have the permission.

From Jeddah you can visit the Jeddah Shipwrecks many of which are in good conditions. Jeddah Marina is the departure point for the 5 Sisters Reefs in the District of Rabigh, the 5 sisters trip can only be done on a 4 days vacation.

The southern exploration begins at our Al-Lith Marina visiting the Five and Four Islands of which Mar-Mar is one. Mar Mar besides being a great dive is an excellent overnight mooring. Not far away are the Islands of Dohra, Jadir, and Malathu and the splendid outcropping Long Reef. Sailing for 25 miles to the south you will come across a second reef area which includes Sha’ab Ammar, a large horseshoe-shaped reef also used as a night mooring. Continuing southwards we meet the Islands of Dannak, Jabara, Eagle, and the coral atolls of Muddar, Fantasy, and Choppy, stages of spectacular diving. A common feature of all these dive sites is the incredible variety of hard and soft coral found on the plateaus as well as the massive presence of coral and pass fish. Diving on the falls of the plateaus, generally oriented to the north and south, you can witness the passage of the large pelagic fish including schools of hammerhead sharks and the tiger shark admired several times in different diving points. 

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