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The Red Sea is home to some of the planet’s most incredible marine life , It’s majestic colored coral reefs flourish just beneath the surface in shallow waters.
Blessed with warm, clear water and abundant marine life, the Red Sea has long been considered one of the world’s top diving destinations.

Abu Tair – Abu Faramish

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Shipwreck Island In the southwest of Jeddah, you will find the island of Abu Tair, where you will discover the world’s most famous ship wreckage .
Wreck Dive in Abu Faramish It will take about a two-hour car drive to get to the coast directly in line with this huge reef, which stretches for almost 40 kilometers.

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Jabal Al-Lith

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Jabal Al-Lith , Mar Mar and Malathu Islands
are one of the most beautiful diving areas in Saudi Arabia, Located 40 minutes sailing from our resort In allith.
Characterized by crystal clear water and a white-sand area of 4 sq/km specially in Jabal Al-Lith , it is an ideal option for diving in spring or early summer


Seven Sisters

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Best-known for its hammerhead sharks, though tiger sharks and tuna are often seen around the walls of coral

Abu Galawa and Iona wreck

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A paradise island surrounded by coral grottoes,
sharks and schools of barracuda; and the wreck of the SS Iona, now a beautiful living reef
With peaceful surroundings and charming natural beauty, this stunning island offers visitors a picture-perfect vacation.

Al Baridi Island

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Located 40 minutes Al Baridi Island is the perfect getaway for travelers looking to explore the beauty of the coast.

Relax in the tranquility of the turquoise ocean on a boat, or dive in and explore the rich and colorful undersea coral reefs with unspoiled flora and fauna.

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