Our vision With our extensive experience and a large team of highly professional expertise we look forward to keeping up with everything new, healthy and safe in the field of food and beverages, and to achieve the highest standards of quality, professionalism, service and adherence to health standards, which makes us at the forefront and obtain the satisfaction of our customers. This is reflected in the heritage and authenticity of our restaurants. Kingdom and we are looking forward to the spread in the GCC countries, which will prepare us to keep up with the vision of 2030 and aspirations for a better future for our restaurants and Kingdom



• Simit Plain
• Achma Cheese
• Achma Olive
• Vochh Cheese
• Vochh Olive
• Spinach Roll
• Cheese Bourek
• Cheese Bourek with Parsley



• Ashma Labneh Thyme
• Ashma Olive Brick
• Ashma Cushion Habash
• Simit Vita Vegetables



• Manakish Thyme
• Manakish Thyme Cheese
• Manakish Kashaval and Akkaoui
• Manakish Habash with Mozzarella
• Manakish Chicken SAP
• Manakish Kraft with Honey
• Marguerite Pizza
• Pepperoni Pizza
• Vegetable Pizza
• BBQ Chicken Pizza